Auto Collision Repair Process

Repair Process

Larry H. Miller Collision Centers Repair Process

When you enter a Larry H. Miller Collision Center, you will be greeted and presented with a brief form to fill out for an estimate.

An experienced Collision Consultant will prepare your estimate and  answer any of your insurance or repair concerns.

Customer Service;
The Collision Consultant will go over the estimate with you and obtain insurance authorization (when applicable) while you wait. With estimate in hand, you'll also receive an actual appointment date, telling you exactly when your vehicle can be admitted for repairs. The Collision Consultant will keep you updated by phone, text or e-mail during the repair process.

Car Rental;
Because of our relationship with various rental agencies, your rental can be conveniently handled at the time of your appointment.

Blue Printing & Disassemble;
Your vehicle is blue printed & disassembled for repair and all damaged parts are removed. If any hidden damage is revealed, you and your insurance company are immediately contacted. The only exception is if we are Direct Repairer for your Insurance Co.

Frame Work;
Our laser frame diagnostic systems and frame machines ensure extremely high accuracy for frame repairs, returning your car to pre-accident condition.

Metal Work;
Sheet metal repairs are handled in dedicated bays equipped with the latest equipment, like those used by automobile manufacturers. At that time, corrosion protection will be restored to your vehicle.

At all our locations, we rely on Spies Hecker paints, which are trusted by professional refinishers and body shops worldwide. 

After painting the vehicle, it is sent back for reassemble to manufacturer specifications and then it will be sent off to the mechanical department for repairs if applicable.

All aspects of the repair are inspected by a certified technician throughout the repair process to insure they meet factory tolerances, from parts-fit and alignment to the gloss of the refinish work.

Vehicle Cleaning;
Once the repairs have been approved by our technician and the production manager, the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned in preparation for delivery to you.

A final inspection is performed by your Collision Consultant and will present you with your vehicle, noting all repairs made and providing you with any follow-up instructions. Such as paint care, 30 day check-up, etc.